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Hinkley leaders worry about funding for chromium-6 study

By Jim Steinberg, The Sun

HINKLEY >> Several Hinkley residents are concerned that funding uncertainties of a new study to determine the origin of this Mojave Desert community’s groundwater contamination may compromise its thoroughness. (more…)

Water industry opposes revised chromium-6 limit

By Jim Steinberg, The Sun

LOS ANGELES — Water industry groups voiced opposition Friday to a controversial proposal to set a standard on the amount of a cancer-causing metal in the state’s drinking water. (more…)

Erin Brockovich: Protecting lives top priority for chromium-6

Written by Erin Brockovich Special to The Desert Sun

Our government should protect people from dangerous chemicals in our drinking water supplies. (more…)

Simulation of Cr6 flow through Hinkley’s porous sand formations

Simulation of Cr6 flow through Hinkley’s porous sand formations.

Plant Roots are Commonly Used to Treat Environmental Contamination

Plant roots are commonly used to treat environmental contamination .

In-situ Groundwater Treatment

In-situ Groundwater Treatment.

Cr6 Movement in Groundwater is Complex

Cr6 movement in groundwater is complex.

Cr6 Reacts to Cr3 Very Rapidly (Under the Right Conditions)

Cr6 reacts to Cr3 very rapidly (under the right conditions).

Animation of Groundwater Hydraulic Control

Animation of groundwater hydraulic control.